Where Indie movies are in San Luis

With recent Indie films like Hunt for the Wilderpeople and A Man Called Ove receiving praise from critics, it can get to be maddening in actually trying to see them. Theaters won’t risk money with Indie films when they can bank on big-budget films.

In a small city like San Luis, it would seem like there’d be no way to view Indie films while they hit theaters. However, one theater is responsible for the latest Indie films being shown in town: The Palm Theatre.

Small theater for small films.

Having three screens, it can only show so many films a day. Even so, The Palm draws in crowds with relatively well-known films like Eight Days a Week.

While The Palm is noted for its Indie showings, it’s steeped with history, being the first theater in the United States to be solar-powered in 2004.

Soaking in the sun.

Indie films don’t exactly come out as often  or as prominently as big-budget releases, but The Palm keeps its shows fresh. At least one film is cycled out for a new one every week.