‘Indie’ distributors becoming Hollywood

The appeal of Indie films for some is that they’re free of Hollywood constraints and can pursue something more creative than executives will allow… with less money, of course.

So it might be a bit scary, as Virginia Crisp of Coventry University notes, that Hollywood studios are sneaking their way into Indie distribution:

One of the ways [Hollywood Studios’] dominance has extended more recently is into the ‘independent’ film sector. Such a move might seem a contradiction in terms… While independent distributors might primarily distribute independent films, independent films themselves may not necessarily be distributed by independent distribution companies.

That’s a bit of a riddle there at the end, I know. But there are examples of what she’s talking about.

The Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli is independent of Hollywood production and money, but in the US, their films were distributed by Disney, allowing them to dub however they wish (within reason).

Even so, there are still decent completely Indie films releasing, like Hunt for the Wilderpeople, so not all is lost.