The struggles of indie filmmaking

Of course, there are going to be all sorts of problems when producing films with no budget, relative to the budgets for films that are handed out from big-time studios.

Lack of experience from crew members, cheap equipment, cheap editing software and no sense of enthusiasm for the project can all be devastating in creating an indie film.

Ted Hope wrote on what is, perhaps obviously, the biggest obstacle that any indie filmmaker must face:

I think the biggest problem for indie filmmakers is primarily a marketing problem; filmmakers must move from creating a series of “one offs” where they reinvent the wheel each time.

This means that because of little marketing and money, indie filmmakers often must produce content that is constantly changing; even if they have some sort of following that likes the current content, filmmakers will shy away from that.

Kate Bishop, a filmmaker who makes short films, agreed with this. “I feel like I sometimes have to change things,” she said. “Since I don’t really have much money to deal with, I like to be inventive.”

Matt Porter, a successful indie filmmaker, wrote on how low budget marketing affects indie films, and how attempting to worry about it may be futile:

…making a [n indie] feature film, even at a relatively low budget level, is a lot more like starting a small business than making a handful of shorts…

…independent film is a bit of a wild west, and so even the best advice can sometimes be useless if it’s been made obsolete by changes in the marketplace.

It’s a daunting task to be an indie filmmaker. Even so, Porter has been able to have success and produce well-received shorts.



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